About Us

About Fillory Yarn

Fillory Yarn is Silicon Valley’s beloved resource for fiber lovers of every craft; knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners can all find exceptional and beautiful yarn and fiber for their every need.


What is Fillory?
Fillory is a world where people can explore their creativity and express themselves without judgement. It is a world of possibilities that was built for our community of makers. A place where support is always available and where you can find the best quality tools for your trade. Fillory is a world which brings people together and welcomes newcomers to our tribe. Fillory is you. It’s me. And it is those who are making a positive difference in the world and those who are changing lives within the fiber community. Welcome to the fearless world of Fillory.

We love to share our passion for creative expression, beautiful yarns, and exceptional design. We host fun, educational classes as well as specialty classes. We have monthly KAL's, CAL's and fun social events featuring upcoming Indie Dyers, Weaving Workshops, book signings and more. Our Staff members offer professional help in a friendly atmosphere for whatever you may need; Color inspiration, pattern designs, creative thought, and of course helping with any issues you have with your knitting or crochet. If you need help, we are here for you; all our Staff Members are experienced, professional, and passionate about everything related to fiber.

In our Silicon Valley store in San Jose, and on our website, the heart of our business is and always has been our community of customers and readers. We love to answer questions, share accomplishments, research solutions and exchange ideas. It’s why we do what we do, so please reach out.