Super Bulky Weight Yarn


      Here at Fillory Yarn, you will find the finest premium Super Bulky Yarn. Our extremely soft yarn creates the fastest accessories at 2 to 2.5 stitches per inch. The plethora of colors makes super bulky weight yarn the ideal choice for your holiday season gifts. The thick material can be knitted or crocheted into cozy blankets and winter clothes, associated with a touch of class. What is more is that, from a set of different designs, you get to choose a yarn that suits your style. Malbrigo, Blue sky fibers, and Knitted wit are only a few of the big names that we carry.

      Super Bulky Weight Yarn

      Our fine collection of super bulky yarn hails only from industry leaders such as the likes of Malbrigo, Blue sky fibers, and Knitted wit, to name a few. A consumer favorite Malbrigo is made of premium Merino wool that makes the finest quick knits, textured stitches, and outerwear. The unique colorways allow you to experiment and create unique patterns. Blue sky fibers bring a unique blend of alpaca and wool, lightly spun to knit cozy hats and mittens. Its 2 stitches per inch gauge make fast last minute gifts for your loved ones.

      If you are one for the magnificent arrays of color, Knitted Wool Cotton candy should be your choice of super bulky yarn. With themes such as Enchanted Forest and Great Smoky Mountains, your products can be adventurous and bring a whole lot of creativity. There is nothing quite as gratifying as handmade blankets on a chilly winter night. To make your winter fire much cozier, the thick yarns can even be crafted into Super bulky yarn Blankets.

      Super Bulky Crochet Yarn Patterns

      The entire idea of super bulky yarn is to create warm and intricate crochet patterns. All our yarn be knitted and crocheted into the patterns of your choice. We also carry a range of pre-made crochet shawls, stoles, wraps, and cardigans for those who want classy but warm winter wear. Most of these style ready-made accessories are from Cascade and Shibui Knits.

      These products are of high quality and super affordable. The geometrical patterns give them an edge that is different from conventional knitwear. For consumer favorite, look at our Dust Devil Shawl for craftsmen’s wonder. Browse our site for the finest quality yarn accessories such as hooks, needles, kits, and tools, to make your knitting experience a delight.

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