Wool Yarn


      Fillory brings picturesque and sustainable wool yarns in a variety of colors to galvanize knitters and crocheters. We help you decorate your lives with prestigious quality wool yarns, soft, and feather-like to protect your delicate skin. Our crochet and knitting wool yarn are for people like you who indulge in a mesmerizing experience. With luxury and quality, we offer unmatched durability and the best price for you to enjoy! Whether you need it for knitting, felting, or crocheting, we nurture our yarns with care to match your creative craft. A variety ranging from basic to fashion, we offer wool yarns for you to express yourself through your elegant endeavor. Choose us for an organic wool yarn intricately presented to best suit your needs.

      There are many breeds of sheep, each with their own unique qualities for the yarn produced from those breeds. 

      All wools yarns including wool, merino, American Targhee, Bluefaced Leicester (BFL), Masham, Shetland wool, lama, etc. For more than a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing your creativity to life by making tools and products for your artistry. Our success lies in the hands of our craftsmen across the country who work hard to provide the best quality yarn at your locality. Classy and delicate to skin, our wool yarn is the finest collection to complement your lifestyle and fashion priorities. We believe our products are as valuable to you as you are to us. So, embrace the warmth and beauty of our wool yarn in your lives.

      Woolen Yarn

      Our 100% wool yarns are a timeless choice for knitting, crochet, and crafting projects. The warmth, durability, and softness of our wool yarns are hard to be found elsewhere. Our wool yarn offers the crafters with an elevated experience thus boosting their creativities.

      Merino Wool Yarn

      Known for its best quality, our Merino black wool yarn and white wool yarn exceeds the expectations of brilliance and comfort. Imported from the world's biggest hub of Merino wool yarn, our silk wool yarn is guaranteed for a high-quality experience coupled with an array of color choices.

      Wool Yarn for Felting

      Available in a wide variety for felting, our wool yarn provides you with the best experience to work on the projects and even best to wear it next to skin. Our multicolor wool yarn’s fabric is created keeping the needs of our customers in our minds, hence the elevated softness, durability, and color range.

      Wool Yarn for Crochet and Knitting

      Similar to the intricacy of the process of crochet, our wool crochet yarn is dedicated to providing world class experience to our customers who seek wool for crochet. Not only is our silk wool yarn organic and allergy-free, it works with your fingers like butter and slips into the project finely and neatly. Our high-quality natural knitting wool yarn is perfect for knitting. We guarantee you exceptional results and marvelous designs combined with a range of colors to choose from.

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