Bulky Weight Yarn

Bulky Yarn, popularly known as Chunky Yarn in the UK, is anything that's larger than worsted or medium weight yarn. The yarn classification system classifies the bulky yarn into three categories, according to the needles that are used for knitting it.

  • Bulky Yarn – US knitting needles of size 9 to 11 are generally used.
  • Super Bulky Yarn - US knitting needles larger than size 11.
  • Jumbo Yarn – US knitting needles size 17 and up.

The acclaimed Bulky Yarn is relished among the knitters and crocheters and with good reason. The first and foremost reason is its thickness. Not only does it make it easier to knit stuff but also makes the whole process a lot quicker and swifter. In comparison to lighter weight yarn, the larger needles and additional thickness makes the entire task facile and effortless, allowing new knitters to catch up and learn the drill promptly. If you’re a beginner we would definitely recommend you to use the super bulky yarn and polish those knitting skills. Another added benefit to using the bulky yarn rather than a lighter weight yarn is that you can achieve a project in lesser material and yardage.

Whether it’s a handmade sweater for your baby or a bulky yarn blanket to keep your special one warm, bulky yarn is a prime choice attributable to its ability to trap air; no-matter what the stitching style, bulky yarn pattern or fiber used, super chunky yarn will keep you and your loved one’s snug and cozy in the harsh cold weather.

The bulky cotton yarn has received admiration and acceptance in the knitting world quiet rapidly. All yarn brands have the super chunky yarn on their top-selling list. However, we, at Fillory Yarn, bring you the most extensive and tremendous range of the super chunky yarn. The selection of colors for our bulky weight yarn collection is sweet, elegant and enormous so that all your knitting and crocheting needs are fulfilled. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service, if you have any questions regarding our bulky weight yarn or for any help placing the order. We will be more than happy to oblige your concerns and queries. We're definitely the best online yarn store where you can fulfill all “yarn” (read: your) needs.

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Malabrigo Mecha Merino Knitting Yarn



  • Aniversario 005
  • Arapey 875
  • Archangel 850
  • Arco Iris 866
  • +37
Berroco Vintage Chunky Bulky Acrylic Wool Blend Knitting Yarn



  • Snow Day 6100
  • Mochi 6101
  • Mushroom 6104
  • Oats 6105
  • +52
Plymouth Yarn Viento Alpaca Bamboo Knitting Yarn
Plymouth Yarn Viento Alpaca Bamboo Knitting Yarn


$6.50 $10.99

  • Asparagus 021
  • Black 031
  • Blue Jean 023
  • Burgundy 032
  • +16
Plymouth Yarn Aireado Alpaca Merino Nylon Knitting Yarn



  • Beige 021
  • Black 027
  • Brown 022
  • Charcoal 026
  • +10
Rowan Tweed Haze Bulky Mohair Blend Knitting Yarn
Rowan Tweed Haze Bulky Mohair Blend Knitting Yarn


$10.99 $18.40

  • Winter 550
  • Clear Blue 551
  • Rainy 552
  • Midnight 553
  • +4
Noro Tsuido Wool Knitting Yarn



  • 01 Ichihara
  • 04 Nobeoka
  • 07 Kasama
  • 08 Morioka
  • +12
Lang Cloud Bulky Wool Blend Knitting Yarn



  • 1077.0001
  • 1077.0002
  • 1077.0003
  • 1077.0004
  • +4
Plymouth Yarn Aireado Duet Alpaca Merino Nylon Knitting Yarn



  • Brown Beige 202
  • Charcoal Raisin 204
  • Garnet Black 203
  • Light Denim Navy 206
  • +2
Rowan Chunky Cashmere Knitting Yarn
Rowan Chunky Cashmere Knitting Yarn


$37.99 $68.50

  • Ridge 300
  • Elk 301
  • Sarsaparilla 302
  • Lobelia 303
  • +2
Berroco Remix Chunky Bulky Nylon Cotton Blend Knitting Yarn



  • Birch 9901
  • Almond 9903
  • Mist 9919
  • Buttercup 9922
  • +8