Silk Yarn


      A perfect scarf drapes beautifully because of its lustrous sheen and glossy appearance. It’s neither too heavy nor too flimsy, exactly like our silk yarn for crochet, weaving, and knitting. Woven, crocheted, or knitted, things made of our silk yarns add a slight touch of luxury and comfort to your life. We offer a wide variety of silk yarns for weaving, knitting, and crocheting. With a commitment to quality delivery, we preserve, nurture, and finish what the silkworms create for you. Our expertise combined with nature’s brilliance brings together a marvel worth laying hands on. Based on your brand, fiber type, and weight preference, make the most of your experience.

      Since 2008, Fillory has endeavored to foster a mindset of creativity and personal expression through exceptional service delivery to makers. Believing in the mastery of crochet and knitting craftsmen across the country, we provide novel tools and best quality yarn. We see our premier local silk yarn stores as Silicon Valley’s hub of artistic opportunities. So dive in fiber lovers, we have what you have been looking for. In ancient times, silk yarn was used to keep timeless treasures. Today, we think you are just as precious and deserve silkiness. You can choose your favorite 100% silk yarn collection.

      Silk Yarn for Weaving

      From the luxury chenille silk yarn to raw silk yarn, we deal in all that's worth your craft. We have white silk yarn that can be used as it is or dyed to the color of your choice. Our lightweight silk yarn allows you to create intricate patterns while keeping the purpose intact. The warmth of a silk yarn weave is unmatched. With quality unrivaled, our multi-brand collection is a perfect blend of luxury and need.

      Silk Yarn for Crochet and Knitting

      Silk crochet yarn is one of Fillory’s finest offerings. From Adriafil to MYak and even Noro, you name a brand and we have it. Showing our utmost commitment to craftsmen and their purpose, we deal in only the best quality materials. At best prices, we offer what’s even better. Our silk wool yarn is an all-time favorite for those who fancy sweater knitting. Our wide variety of Merino Silk Yarn is one of the most popular picks in San Jose. We are trusted to provide exceptionally good quality knitting silk yarn and adhering to customer-centric values. We pride ourselves in helping people do what they love.

      Protip: Get our silk crochet yarn and make mittens, gloves, caps and infinity scarves using a dense weave. Add a beautiful texture using hand-dyed silk yarn and get ready to receive compliments this winter.

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