Jumbo Weight Yarn


      Jumbo Weight Yarn

      Jumbo Yarn is considered to be the thickest yarn because of its bulky weight and high-density fiber strands. As it is made from merino wool, jumbo weight yarn is a perfect material for bedding materials such as blankets, throws, floor cushions and pillow covers.
      It is used in making various winter clothing like hats, scarfs and sweaters because of its thick yet soft fibres. Jumbo Yarn is expensive because of the merino wool used in its strands. It’s popular because it can be used to knit almost anything. Jumbo Yarn is also popularly known as giant wool yarn, chunky arm knitting yarn and wool roving.

      Why It Is Considered to Be A Good Choice?

      The best part about using jumbo yarn for knitting is that it gives you the freedom to weave the simplest of designs and the most sophisticated jumbo weight yarn patterns. For this reason, jumbo yarn is perfect for arm/hand knitting. Jumbo yarn for arm knitting is good as it is very thick and easy to weave. If you want to teach your child how to knit, jumbo yarn for arm knitting is the most suitable option.

      There are numerous jumbo yarn ideas from scarfs, hats, sweaters to home décor items like rugs, carpets, baskets and throws. You can knit so many unique jumbo weight yarn patterns and make crochet patterns in any way you please. Jumbo chunky yarn sweaters are always in vogue every winter as these sweaters keep you warm and make you look chic. Jumbo yarn blankets and throws have an incredibly soft texture and come in various colours to complement your room's theme.

      Besides, if you're a knit maestro, you can also come up with intricate jumbo weight yarn patterns to make trendy jumbo chunky yarn sweaters, shawls, beanies uppers for yourself to alleviate your winter wardrobe game. Apart from an excellent arm knitting yarn, jumbo yarn is also used to make jumbo yarn blankets as the merino wool is very warm. You will require a handful of jumbo weight yarn for a full-size blanket, 13-18 skeins of yarn approximately.


      Jumbo Yarn adds volume to your home décor items, making them stand out because of its premium texture and bulkiness. It is soft on the skin hence also extensively used to make winter items of clothing. Many online marketplaces and merchandises now have jumbo yarn wholesale to offer. You can not only purchase the premium quality yarn itself but also products made using jumbo yarn.
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