Knitting Kits


      If you are learning to knit and unsure what you need to take up knitting or how to customize your knitting kits. We know exactly how to simplify this drill for you. Opt for befitting knitting kits online at our hub for beginners, teens, and kids. Besides, get your hands on the basic and luxury editions to turn your aesthetics into exotic silhouettes, cowls, stockings, baby doe ponchos, slouch hats, and much more. This yarn kit knitting enables you to enjoy the luxury of being wrapped up in your masterpieces crafted from exponentially breathable and cozy fibers. Learn to weave new techniques with our knitting kits and start your journey from beginner to advanced maker without the hassle.

      Knitters We Have Got You Covered

      The knitting craft is a cinch when you have an ample understanding and the suitable knitting kits in your hands to curate sensational cozy accessories for yourself and your loved ones. Our hub excels in bringing you the exquisite essential tools online to craft something beautiful and tangible that is a virtuous display of your style and persona.

      Learn to Knit Kit – The Basic Edition

      What is the best knitting kit for beginners? Learn the art of knitting and become part of the knitting clique with this exclusive Basic Edition by Fillory Yarn. If you want to know the basics, then this basic kit has it all to equip you with the exact tools to embark on the journey of knitting with a sense of conviction.

      Ours Learn to knit kit Learn to knit kit is inclusive of two balls of Rowan hemp tweed. This hemp tweed is a perfect blend of 75% wool and 25% hemp, yielding a conventional tweed effect. This beautiful blend weaves breathable and durable knitted silhouettes with temperature regulatory effect, i.e., giving you the coolness in smearing hotness and warmth in the chilled weather. The hemp fiber is resistant to stretching and does not de-shape with use; instead, it gradually softens with wear. Besides, this knitting kit encompasses a pair of Brittany’s US 8 (5.0mm) knitting needles composed of sustainably harvested birch. Last but not least, the resourceful How to Knit booklet is a cardinal addition to kick you start in the journey towards perfect knitting, including basic learning techniques with just a few hundred stitches available.

      Big Bad Wool Dear Love Baby Blanket Kit

      Use our Big Bad Wool Knitting kit to weave the plush, breathable baby blanket for your little one in an exotic Dear Love pattern. This perfect knitting kit for beginners includes the exquisite Big Bad Wool; 3 skeins of Weepaca in bleach white tone and one skein of Weepaca in an accent color. It prompts you to play with your fingers to knit a dear love creamy blanket with a pop of bright hues around the corner. Weepeca yarn is a beautiful blend of 50% fine washable merino and 50% baby alpaca. It is a heavy DK worsted yarn that promises to knit soft and cushy crafts and accessories for your new born. The blanket kit is accessorized with a Handmade sew-in tag and a knitting pattern as well. .

      Uneek Sock Kit by Urth Yarns

      Give your feet the much-deserved care and coziness with every step you take. This sock knitting kit is inclusive of hard-wearing Uneek sock yarn, which is pre-wound into two cakes of yarn for perfectly matching socks every time. An innovative and hand-dying technique is incorporated into these self-striping stunners. This exclusive sock knitting kit from Uneek is an exquisite blend of 75% extra fine Merino wool and 25% Nylon with ample yardage to weave a matching sock out of each cake. With this knitting kit, you get access to three beautiful sock patterns available online at that display enriched and vibrant self-striped colorful designs to fit every mood.

      Anita Mittens Kit – Big Bad Wool Weepaca

      Anita mitts, a complete kit featuring a distinctive pattern marked down for closed mittens or the fingerless ones, sized for everyone in the family. These mittens from Big Bad Wool allow you to experiment with colors and knit your aesthetics as desired. This iconic knitting kit includes Big Bad Wool's most conventional and notable Weepaca yarn that is a unique blend of 50% fine washable merino and 50% baby alpaca to knit silhouettes that are ultra-plush and cozy to keep you warm and snuggly. This mitten kit comes in two different toned skeins of Weepaca to stripe, or you can use one color for a solid touch and a little red thread from Trailhead Yarns to knit a heart or anything that you like. What makes this kit more exciting is the sew-in tag featuring “Handmade"

      Grab your most wanted knitting kit for sale at our hub and weave your emotions without costing yourself a fortune with our perfectly assembled knitting kits to get started right now!

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