Yak Yarn


      One of the best parts of knitting and crocheting is the vast variety of countless types of knitting fibers and their availability for your knitting projects. Walking into a knitting fibers shop is like a dream when you find so many beautiful, soft and colorful knitting fibers and wools! While there are many types of knitting materials out there, each one having its own set of unique qualities, textures, and ideal ways to be used – one of the softest, smoothest and warmest types of knitting materials is yak yarn.

      This yarn comes from the beautiful yaks found high up in the freezing mountaintops, which can explain why their wool is as warm and cozy as it is. Not only is this luxurious yarn super soft and easy to work up, it's also weather resistant, as it's antimicrobial and breathable! Which means it would make for great clothing items and you won’t have to worry about being sweaty.

      Let’s learn a little bit more about this ever-so-loved yarn and find out what the hype is really about! Basically, this yarn can be found in two different forms – yak wool blend, and 100% yak yarn. While the former option is mainly made from sheep wool, making it far more durable in everyday use, the latter option is purely made from one hundred percent yak wool, which is what makes such products super soft and luxurious, thus making them far more expensive than other types of wool – but it's surely worth it.

      The super soft undercoat of the adorable baby yaks, found in Tibet, is carefully harvested and combed to begin the process of obtaining the softest ever, baby yak yarn. Cozy enough to keep you nice and warm, breathable and incredibly soft, this yarn is one of the best knitting fibers you will possibly ever lay your hands on, as lustrous and as lightweight as wearing a cloud – one can never really go wrong with this yarn. And one of the best and most trusted providers of premium quality yak yarn is mYak yarn.

      The beauty of mYak yarns lies in the way they have perfectly paired the organic nature of their entire process with that of modern-day equipment and methods – mYak yarns are a class apart in the world of premium quality yarns, bringing you a blend of natural fibers paired with supreme Italian craftsmanship. It’s safe to say you might just fall in love with this knitting fiber since yak yarn and knitting go hand in hand.

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