DK Weight Yarn


      The world of knitting and crocheting is quite colorful and interesting to say the least. With so much knowledge to gain about knitting, from types of fibers and knitting materials, to different yarn weights and so many different yarn brands – it can undoubtedly get a little confusing. But we’ve got you covered! Let’s start with some basics, Shall We?

      What is DK Weight Yarn?

      Dk weight yarn, is a short form for the term double knitting yarn. Double knitting has various meanings in the knitting community, in fact one of the knitting techniques used by knitters, is called double knitting, however in this case dk yarn simply refers to the weight of the knitting yarn. Another frequently used term for dk weight yarn is baby yarn.

      Dk weight yarn is a popular yarn for crochet and knitting alike, mainly preferred for its versatility as a knitting yarn, as you can knit pretty much anything you like with dk weight yarn – sweaters, beanies, scarves and more. An important characteristic of dk yarn, worth mentioning, is of course the weight of the yarn itself. On the knitting yarn weight list, dk weight yarn weighs in somewhere between fine yarns, also known as sport weight yarns, and medium yarns, also known as worsted weight yarns. So to be specific, dk weight yarn is referred to as a light worsted weight yarn on the yarn weight list, which is what makes it perfect for knitting projects which require a relatively lighter weight yarn.

      Lace Weight Yarn

      If you find yourself getting caught up between different types of knitting yarns and can’t decide on which one would be a perfect fit for you, allow us to help! Lace weight yarns are just another type of knitting yarn, ideally used for fine and intricate knitting, used for making shawls, wraps and other such items to be worn in the cold.

      DK Cotton Yarn

      Say hello to dk cotton yarn when knitting or crocheting anything for the summertime or warmer seasons, as this knitting yarn is super soft and one hundred percent, premium cotton – making it perfect for all your colorful knitting fantasies as cotton yarn works well with coloured dyes. Cotton dk weight yarn is ideal for any knitting tasks that require 100% cotton but in dk weight, on the knitting yarn weight list.

      With all the countless options available for dk weight yarns, picking out the best one can be quite a task. Sublime, Blue Sky Fibers, and Baa Ram Ewe are namely some of the best dk weight yarn selling brands out there, and we at Fillory Yarn, have them waiting just for you.

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