Linen Yarn


      Linen Yarn

      Are you contemplating what to put on your needles during the scorching summers? Just because the weather outside is boiling doesn’t mean you have to put away your weaving tools for the next six months. Now you can have our exquisitely breathable and lightweight balls of summer yarns to create excellent stitch definition. If you are looking for the most iconic yarns for summers to add easy-to-wear and fresh additions to your summer wardrobe, you have come to the right place. Plump up from our sorted linen yarn collection at Fillory Yarn! From neutral pallets to popping hues, the broad palette of saturated colors available in our linen yarn for summers is used to fabricate stunning drapes for warm weather fashions that you will love to flaunt.

      Our hub offers one of the top-notch linen yarns for knitting that are merely an exquisite blend of sumptuous textures and delicate fibers adding a tinge of luxury and functionality to your silhouettes. There is a reason why animal fibers are not famous during warm days – they are heavy and feel fuzzy. Linen yarn is composed of plant fiber that is light, rich, cool to the skin and gives you textured stitches that are extra supple and soft to touch.

      Linen Yarn is your friend!

      Cotton linen yarn is something rigorous that you can throw in the washing machine with barely any risk of wear and tear. Our plant-based fibers of organic cotton and linen yarn, when mixed with silk, wool, or acrylic tweeds, give the linen-cotton blended yarn a touch of resilience that makes it easy for weavers to knit versatile patterns to adorn their crafts. Cotton is dubbed the best yarn for summers for its longevity and endurance, so it wears well. It is an excellent moisture-wicking fabric that is deemed suitable for open-air shawls, shrugs, summer tops, and home-ware, especially dishcloths and scrubs. The breezy sweaters and loose vests are an excellent pick for linen-cotton blended yarns.

      Our extra plush linen yarn for weaving and crocheting serves as a great contender for summer wear. Being durable and sturdy, it tends to absorb 20% of its weight in moisture. The linen yarn might feel rough while knitting, but it is one of those magical fibers that get better and better throughout the garment's life. It blocks well and keeps its shape without losing its initial sheen. The linen yarn features thinner fibers that create a fuzz-free texture and adds smoothness to the garment. Our double knitted linen yarn patterns display solid stitches that prompt more airflow keeping you cool and comfy during sunny days.

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