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      Hikoo yarn

      Find every variety of Hikoo yarn at Fillory yarn.
      Hikoo yarn is an inspired choice for all those who want a material they will enjoy both wearing and working with. And at Fillory yarn, you can find an extensive collection of this incredible yarn variety. Its vibrancy and bright colors characterize Hikoo yarn. The fabric brings patterns for life. Most projects require knitters to get a range of blended and single-fiber yarns that offer the perfect combination of style and texture. Here, at Fillory yarn, you can indeed find it all.

      The choices we have
      Hikoo yarn offers the opportunity to create innovative designs. Whether it is crafting classics or working on fashion designs, this fabric is a perfect choice, and we understand that. Therefore, our collection of Hikoo yarn leaves nothing out.

      Hikoo concentric
      This one is named after the concentric circles. The color gradients are carefully designed. The concentric is made from four non-plied strains that provide them with a distinguished pattern. You can buy this yarn to create the perfect shawls and sweaters. At Fillory yarn, we offer you the best quality of Hikoo concentric yarn you can find.

      Hikoo concentric cotton
      Those who enjoy working with concentric will surely want to look at our concentric cotton collection. This one is a bulky fingering yarn made from super-soft Pima cotton. It is ideal for making shawls and similar other garments. We offer 900 yards per ball, so a couple of cakes should be sufficient for your project.

      Hikoo simplicity yarn
      This one is a value yarn that works quite well for children's wear and garments of daily use. It is machine washable with quite a soft feel. Here, we provide you with ample color varieties in Hikoo simplicity spray yarn. You can also go for the Hikoo simple worsted yarn if you want to be creative. Our collection has you covered.

      Hikoo cobasi
      This is the perfect choice for those who had been looking for wool-free sock yarn. It doesn't overheat or irritate your skin. Hikoo cobasi is viscose from silk and bamboo blend. Elastic nylon also feels part of it. So it's quite gentle on the handles while offering a wool-like stretch at the same time.

      Please browse through our collection to find a wide range of colors of this soft and machine-washable fabric. It can be used to create quite a lot of hardy garments.

      Hikoo Sueño
      Hikoo Sueno is a Peruvian blend comprising superwash merino and bamboo. It offers strength and durability. Knitting with it is quite fun as it allows you to go for different gauges. Here, at Fillory yarn, we offer a wide range of this washable yarn that can be used to make socks, sweaters, hard-wearing garments, and much more. We also provide immense varieties in colors.

      Make knitting fun with Hikoo yarn.
      Whether you need Hikoo simplicria yarn or any other variety, we have you covered. Please browse through our extensive collection and get the necessary fabric to add shine to your knitting project. When it comes to knitting, you should only go to the best place to buy Hikoo yarn to get all the options. Buy the perfect yarn, and enjoy your knitting!
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