Rowan Yarn


      Rowan Yarn gets its name from the picturesque banks of river Holme dotted with shrubs in Yorkshire. Ranging from light cotton to viscose and linen, Rowan Yarn comes in various weights and fiber densities .
      The fine rowan knitting and intricate crochet have a timeless, classic touch to them

      The Rowan Yarn is one of the most high-quality yarns ever manufactured. They are available in multiple impressive patterns- each with a different sense of contemporary style and aesthetic. Rowan Yarn is particularly famous for its diversified premium fibers in several other knitting and crochet patterns. The yarn is dyed and made available in a color palette of neutral tones and vibrant shades to highlight the modern rowan yarn patterns.
      Types of Rowan Yarn

      The various kinds of Rowan Yarn vary concerning their characteristic weight and fiber density. The richest and bulky types include rowan merino alpaca and Rowan Alpaca Classic. The Alpaca wool is high in fiber density as well.

      Some other common types include rowan felted tweed that is extensively used in many intricate designs and patterns. They are usually available in dark neutral tones as these shades complement this particular yarn type. As suggested by its name, rowan kidsilk haze consists of about 30% silk giving it a soft, smooth texture. This yarn type is different from the other majorly because of its appearance, knitting style, and thread.

      Rowan Creative Linen is another special type to emerge. It comes in all possible colors and has a ball weight of 100 grams. It is a blend of cotton and linen in equal proportions- a great addition to the rowan cotton yarns

      Since it has an incredibly soft texture, it is a perfect fabric for summer clothing. It is extensively used to make cardigans as well as tunics. As rowan creative linen is available in such a diverse color palette, the possibilities of creating unique motives, knitting patterns, and stitching are endless

      Cotton cashmere and handknit cotton yarns both have a proportion of over 80% cotton, which is why it is not that bulky or warm as Alpaca wool yarn. Apart from these main yarn types, there are various others as well that usually differ in terms of knitting style and thread.

      Why Purchase Rowan Yarn?

      As mentioned before, Rowan Yarn is available in multiple colors, both subtle and vibrant. Due to its availability in numerous textures, and the ability to easily take on any color's depth, it is extensively used to make sweaters, tunics, shawls, baby garments, and many other clothing items. It is also a popular material for garments as it has UV protective properties.

      Moreover, it is also used for bedding, carpets, curtains, and other craft materials. Some yarn types are even naturally hypoallergenic, meaning they are resistant to bacteria, mold, and fungi- making them durable.
      Rowan Yarn is one of the most versatile and diverse types of yarn, as it allows the creation of multiple knitting threading styles and patterns.
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