Bamboo Yarn


      Bamboo fiber has long been the most sought-after material for a wide range of textile and fashion applications. Bamboo yarn, although a fairly new entry in the knitting world, has gained increasing popularity among the knitter family; not only due to its sustainable qualities but also because of its luxuriously soft, durable and comfortable texture. Bamboo is widely used because of its eco-friendly properties. It is biodegradable, and is now a substitute to plastic. Yarn brands, around the world, heavily rely on bamboo yarns as it’s the ideal and most preferred material among the knitters. Be it, garments, shawls or baby clothes, bamboo yarn is the most summer breezy and cozy material in the market.

      The natural, non-animal sourced fiber has UV protective properties that protects its wearers from the harmful sun rays. Another added benefit of the infamous knitting yarn is that it inhibits bacteria growth so you won’t risk activating your allergies. All the crocheting and knitting lovers swear by the bamboo yarn attributable to its elastic, breathable and hard-wearing material. Although used for a variety of clothing material, bamboo yarn is most commonly used for making socks.

      Bamboo yarn is available in a wide variety of shades which can be combined with other materials or yarn to give you your required special and unique look. If you’re looking for a luxuriously smooth, soft and silky; we would recommend you try out the silk bamboo yarn. A smooth blend of silk and bamboo, the lightweight yarn is perfect for clothes and bedroom accessories. Cotton bamboo yarn could also be used for other home projects like towels and bedsheets or simply, a bamboo yarn scarf pattern.

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