The art of weaving enables you to turn your aesthetics into exotic silhouettes, wall art, or tapestries using vintage wooden weaving tools. These tools are the exuberant work of art in and of themselves that have been around us for centuries. With the right understanding of which weaving loom for beginners is befitting, you can master the craft skillfully.

      What tools are used for weaving?

      The art of home-spinning and weaving is easy when you have the right weaving tools in your hands. Ample knowledge of using these weaving looms, shuttles, sticks is prudent to wind up with masterpieces that display your style and caliber. An in-depth illustration of exclusive weaving tools is mandatory to get the basic essence of bringing the art of weaving together.

      Ashford Samplelt Loom Stand

      For those weavers who don't want to sit with the front beam on the lap and the back end of the weaving loom angled up against the table edge. This sturdy loom stand exhibits a strapping semblance featured for Samplelt loom 25cm (10ins) and 40cm (16ins), inclusive of cross rail for both loom sizes. The exterior displays solid silver beech hardwood. All the pieces are easy to assemble and attach with optional support braces to add to their build. This loom stand prompts you to weave anytime, without the table hassle. An accommodative loom angle is provided with a footrest for an enjoyable and homely weaving experience.

      Ashford Knitters Loom Stand

      Weave anytime, anywhere without the hassle with Knitters loom stand. A well-built and hefty variable-width loom stand available for three exclusive knitters’ loom sizes 30cm, 50cm, and 70cm (12ins, 20ins, and 28ins). Besides, it includes side support braces for relevant sizes to add extra stability and sturdiness. This functional weaving tool facilitates easy bolt and nut assemblage and attachment, with ultra-portability, allowing you to dismantle the stand facilitating compact storage for easy transport. Also, it features an adjustable loom angle for effortless weaving and a footrest to add to your comfort. The exterior composites solid silver beech hardwood with a lacquer finish.

      Ashford Knitters Loom 50cm / 20" With Carrying Bag - Includes Second Heddle Kit

      An explicit weaving tool for all ages featuring a perfect weaving width of 50cm (20in). It's quick and easy to wrap and weave with Ashford knitters loom. This weaving loom is extremely portable and ultra-light in weight, featuring a compact structure that folds in half, keeping your weaving intact. The exterior has a smooth lacquer finish providing sturdy assemblage. This wooden weaving tool's flexibility gives you the leverage to weave anywhere anytime, thus facilitating your aptitude by allowing fast and easy fabrication. The package includes a carry bag and a second heddle kit with a built-in second heddle option.

      Ashford Stick Shuttle Lacquered

      A perfect weaving tool to adorn your craft with delicate interweaving patterns. The weaving shuttle is made from silver beech hardwood with a lacquered finesse. A perfect weaving accessory to work with all rigid heddle and table looms, featuring 7 sizes; 15cm (6"") ,26cm (10""), 36cm (14""), 46cm (18""), 56cm (22""), 76cm (30""). Use these weaving sticks to hold your working length of the weft while you are entwining bigger sections. Ashford weaving shuttles are a liable utility for general weaving, winding a short warp, supplementary weaving, or finger manipulation technique yielding entwined patterns.

      Ashford Wavy Stick Shuttle

      Embellish your knitted wears with quirky and interesting patterns with Ashford wavy weaving shuttles. Entwine decorative designs by beating the weft into place with this exquisite weaving tool. These versatile shuttles are manufactured from silver beech hardwood. They are easy to use weaving accessories, empowering your skills to play with your fingers more enjoyably. The shuttles are available in 3 lengths; Small 40cm (16"") Medium 50cm (20"") Large 70cm (28"")

      Ashford Pick Up Stick for RH800

      Add a tinge of texture and make your weaving visually appeasing with our exquisite pick-up weaving sticks. These are vigilantly curated from non-lacquered silver beech hardwood, available in 6 sizes. This weaving tool allows you to manifest decorative designs in your knitted fabric's structure by picking up thread behind the heddle making additional sheds in your warp.

      Fillory Yarn is a one-shop-stop that caters to all your go-to weaving accessories, offering you high-quality weaving tools for sale to spin your creativity in an aesthetically delightful way.

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