Urth Yarns


      Knitting or crocheting can be quite time consuming and at times a painstaking process, with countless hours and days going into making your product – but it’s still very rewarding nonetheless, when you finally get to wear that sweater, or scarf, or whatever it may be that you have created. However, undeniably, the most exciting part of it all is getting to choose your favourite kind of knitting fiber! While there are countless knitting yarn brands out there, with some of them offering great quality, Urth Yarn comes on top of the list!

      If you find yourself feeling disappointed one way or another with the various types of knitting yarns that you’ve tried, because while you may find good quality, the variety of colours is too limited for your liking, or perhaps the quality of the yarn starts to wear out after a few washes, Urth yarn is just what you need.

      With its super soft, long lasting, ultra-durable yarn, available in nearly any colour you could dream of having, knitting and crocheting with these yarns is a dream come true for any knitter!

      And while, often the colours you see on online yarn stores turn out to be brighter and more vibrant than what you get in real life, that’s certainly not the case with Urth yarn fibers. Another problem regarding colour faced by many knitters is that of over-dyed yarns, thus making them seem super bright at first, only to have the colour wash out once you wash them. This too is something you won't experience with these super soft yarns, dyed with premium quality colours to give you the best results.

      One of the most coveted products from the Urth Yarn range is the Urth Uneek Sock. These Urth yarn kits come with pre-wound cakes of Uneek sock, which is a super soft, self-striping yarn made from a combination of merino wool and nylon, giving you the perfect blend of super squishy and comfy socks with the required durability for long lasting use.

      From their vast range of knitting yarn on sale, a top favourite of all knitters is the Urth Uneek worsted yarn. This yarn is one of the squishiest, comfiest, coziest knitting yarn you’ll ever come across! Available in self-striping colours, this worsted yarn is a delight to work with.

      And while you’ll be getting great value for money with this high quality yet super affordable, cheap yarn – you’ll also be doing your environment a favour, as this brand of yarns has pledged to plant a tree for every kit of Urth Uneek sock purchased.

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