Spud & Chloe Yarn


      If you’re someone who loves to weave through the various folds of carefully assembled yarn, then you’d be fully versed with the importance of using a fiber that is of a very good quality. A finished article is as good as the materials used in its assembling. And so, opting for the best available material should be the first thing you do. Spud and Chloe yarn by Blue Sky Fibers is a line of luxury well suited for the fiber lovers of all crafts. It is the first choice for a lot of weavers and knitters, especially those who’re fully invested in putting together something that is only the very best in quality.

      Blue Sky Fibers

      Blue Sky Fibers is known to produce yarn that is both modern and timeless. It is a name that all fiber lovers would be well familiar with. Their Spud and Chloe yarn is just as luxurious and offers a unique blend of wools, silk and organic cotton fibers to cater to your weaving needs. The beautiful color palette offered by Blue Sky Fibers will help you create just the dreamy piece you’ve always envisioned to create. One can easily find the color of their choosing through the online yarn stores.

      Spud and Chloe Sweater

      Knitting is more than just a past-time. For some it is a source of livelihood, for others it is a retreat of a sort – an activity that helps one in winding down. No matter why you do what you do, getting the best quality knitting yarn is an essential part of getting started with your knitting ventures. Spud and Chloe sweater is a worsted weight made of wool and organic cotton, and it comes in a beautiful array of playful colors. Spud and Chloe sweater yarn is absolutely perfect for almost everyone and this collection alone is enough to look after all your sweater weaving needs. The best part about the Spud and Chloe sweater yarn is that it is great for a lot more things than just knitting a chic sweater.

      Out of all the yarn brands that we know of, Spud and Chloe yarn is an absolute favorite and has managed to make a big name for itself. The fibers and patterns of the Spud and Chloe yarn are consciously crafted in a way so that they speak for themselves when showing off their natural beauty. From cute little socks to oversized sweaters, from trendy gloves to monotone mufflers – no matter what you decide to weave together, all can be done with Spud and Chloe yarn.

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