ITO Yarns


      ITO is Japanese for yarn or thread. ITO – Fine Yarn from Japan are special yarns, produced in Japan, a country with a long tradition in textiles.

      ITO collaborates with small spinning and dyeing mills and understands itself as ambassador for the unique Japanese textile tradition.

      The ITO yarn collection contains currently 29 different yarns and is complemented by knitting magazines and patterns. All yarns are distinguished for their special manufacturing process, extraordinary composition and unusual color palette or variety. ITO yarns provide a tactile experience: dry chenille linen paper yarn with cotton core, moldable silk with stainless steel, ultra-soft silk mohair yarn, yarn made of the bast fiber ramie or super fine soft merino. No less than five yarns made from paper show the high value of paper for textiles and garments in the Japanese culture. All yarns are subject to fair labor conditions and high industry standards and are – in part handcrafted, in part from recycled materials – produced entirely by small family businesses in Japan. The yarn collection is complemented by textile accessories made of these yarns and the ITO Accessories Collection made of Soft Naoron paper, which shows once more the use of paper as a textile material.

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