Cotton Yarn


      Cotton yarn – one of the most popular yarns for knitting and crocheting alike. This yarn is made from plant based fibers, making it quite an organic knitting material, which happens to work best for any knitwear lovers who are allergic to wool. This knitting yarn is a favorite and loved by many because of its versatility, meaning that it can easily be dyed into any color of your choice, be it light hues and pastels like whites and creams or dark hues and deep colors.

      Cotton Yarn Benefits


      This knitting yarn is super absorbent and soaks up water quickly, making it a great knitting material for kitchen towels, and face towels. Washcloth cotton yarn is no different than this yarn, so you can even make yourself some washcloths if you like!

      Quick Dry

      Because this knitting yarn doesn’t take too long to dry off after getting wet, and doesn’t wear out too easily after laundry day, it’s perfect for rough, day-to-day use around the house. Rugs, coasters, placemats or even dishcloths would be perfectly practical.

      Soft fabric

      This knitting fiber is the perfect choice for knitting up baby-wear as not only is it super soft and easy to wash, it can also very easily be dyed into any colour you like, allowing you to knit up some super cute, colourful and durable garments for your little ones.


      If you’re looking for knitting yarn to make yourself some adorable yet comfortable clothes for spring, or summer – or even weather a little cooler, this yarn is a great option. The softness of this yarn paired with its breathability makes it perfect for keeping you cool and breezy. The reason behind why I love this cotton yarn as much as I do is its breathability, durability and best of all, flexibility when it comes to various colours.

      Knitting with this yarn is super easy and fun, especially with so many available cotton yarn crochet patterns. This knitting yarn is available in various sizes, as you can work with bulky cotton yarn or lightweight cotton yarn, based on the requirements of your project. At Fillory, we strive to offer you the best knitting products, and nothing less.

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