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Be creative this Christmas with an amazing set of hand-knitted crafts! Whether they be multi-colored socks or a pair of adorable mittens, you are in need of some handy yarn tools. Like everything in this world, there are some prerequisites to knitting and these include the correct knitting tools list to start with. Let's have a look at some of the Yarn tools and accessories that would be the best for you.

What Are Some Basic Yarn Tools?

  1. Knitting tools

As a beginner, there are four materials you will want to have on hand. These include Yarn, Scissors, a tapestry needle, and knitting needles.

First you'll need to determine most suitable yarn for whatever project you're knitting. The yarn should complement the texture, thickness, and design that you want in your project. Whatever knitting tools you choose, will depend on the type of yarn you are opting for. You need to think carefully about the type of yarn you are choosing. You don't want to ruin your hand-knitted socks just because you chose the wrong yarn.

 Another very important thing to consider while knitting is the needles you are working with. Needles play a very vital role in the knitting process. Using the wrong needles can make your knitting process very frustrating. If you're working with a slippery yarn, you'll most likely want to use a wooden needle.  For socks and lace projects you'll look for an extra pointy tip. It's important to research about the knitting supplies that suit your project best before buying your knitting tool kit.

ChiaoGoo Circular Knitting Needles

Thirdly, sharp twin-bladed scissors definitely top the list of must-have yarn tools and accessories. A good scissor enables you to cut the thread wherever needed. Also, do not go for blunt scissors which will not only frustrate you when the thread is not cut swiftly but, will also end up getting the thread split ended.

Cocoknits Scissors

tapestry needle is very helpful in the knitting process. This is a thin needle that has a large enough hole or eye at one end. This hole is big enough for thicker yarn to pass through.

  1. Yarn Tools

Some basic yarn tools aiding the knitting process are crochet hooks, a measuring tape, stitch markers, row counters, yarn bowls, and cable needles.

Crochet tools include crochet hooks that can be helpful with knitting too. Crochet hooks are super handy for picking up dropped stitches and can also be used to finish edging and to crochet in ends.

A measuring tape helps you when you need to make your project a certain length or width. This adds accuracy to your work and helps you to make an appropriately sized product.  You can also use it to measure your gauge.

Knitting Measuring Tape

Stitch markers help you to mark a specific point in a row on your project. These are very helpful and are a must-have item in your knitting toolkit.

Row counters help you to make minimal blunders during knitting. The process of counting your rows specifies the location of which stitch you are currently working on. This enables you to correct the stitch if needed and does not waste time on finding the right one.

Knitting Row Counter

The ball of yarn you are using might get in the way of smooth knitting. Imagine if the yarn ball rolls away pulling out your stitches in the process. It is also very irritating to get up every time from your favorite knitting chair to retrieve the yarn ball. In order to make this easier, you can get a yarn bowl that gives the thread a place to rest while you work.

Lastly, cable needles give your knitting a unique look as it enables you to cross stitches over one another. This makes beautiful meandering patterns in your work.

What Are Some of the Must Have Knitting Accessories?

A good knitting process has to have all the required tools that make the product accurate and suitable to your needs. This can only be done if you have all the necessary things mentioned below.

Proper yarn tools and accessories are needed for best knitting. These tools and accessories include:

  •   Knitting bobbins

red thread on white paper

Knitting bobbins are little plastic borders that allow the yarn to be enfolded around and hang securely. They make yarn management much  more convenient for certain kinds of colorwork.

  •   Knitting machines

It is a device used to create knitted fabrics in a semi or fully mechanical way.

  •   Needle cases

A needle case is a small, often decorative, holder for knitting needles. This is a great way to organize your knitting needle collection.


Knitting Needle Case

Types of Needles

The best knitters always select their needles keenly from their yarn tools and accessories. If you want to be the best then, read the below-mentioned needle types.

  1. Circular knitting needles

Two needle tips that are connected with a cord. These needles allow knitters to knit projects in the round.  As a result of being able to knit a tube shape, you can make things like hats and sweaters.

Addi Knitting Needles
  1. Double pointed knitting needles

These are used to stitch minute products that are too small to stitch with circular ones. These are also used to make stitches in a loop. These top the list of yarn tools and accessories.

Double Point Knitting Needles
  1. Single point knitting needles

Single point needles are used for knitting flat pieces. You can knit a scarf or the pieces to a sweater.

Single Point Knitting Needles

Get yourself quality knitting needles to start with so that you can make awesome garments this Christmas. Remember that your knitting highly depends on the yarn tools and accessories you buy. Choosing them carefully would be very beneficial in the long-term.

How to Buy the Best Yarn Tools and Accessories?

The last step is to choose where you want to buy your yarn tools and accessories. The internet is going to offer the most choices.

Keep in mind your budget, the best quality of tools and accessories, and delivery charges. You could google where to buy yarn tools? Automatically, companies and shops situated near you are going to show up. Get a general idea of their prices and quality. For more information, you could search the types of yarn tools and accessories on google, it will give you a perfect idea which type of yarn tools and accessories are best for your project.

How Does Knitting Soothe Your Mind?

There is no doubt that knitting is good for the brain. Over 3,000 knitters from around the world have done International research which showed that the more often people knitted, the better their cognitive function turned out to be. Moreover, knitting benefits both sides of the brain. The right side for creativity and the left side for logic and math.

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