Why should you get the best yarn for the blanket?

Who wouldn’t love to dwell in heartening coziness, especially after a long-haul workday to unwind? But that would only be practicable when the blanket you choose to snuggle is knitted from the best yarn. Otherwise, rubbing the wrong type on your skin will feel like scraping, which is a highly unpleasant sensation. It may result in persistent rash, redness, and itchy feeling, even more so when you have sensitive skin. Note that different manufacturers use different materials with varying quality which gives us a myriad of yarn types. In this article, we have uncovered the reasons to choose the best yarn for a blanket, how many types there are, and how to choose the right one. So, tune in with us. 

Different Types of Yarn 

Whether you are knitting blankets or the wardrobe, the softness and comfort come down to the yarn you choose. Some are known for their incredibly smooth rub against the skin, whereas others stand out because of their toasty snug. Before choosing the right blanket yarn, you must look into the different types and figure out what aligns with your needs. Let’s get started. 


Cashmere belongs to the family of the softest wool ever-present, thereby qualifying as one of the best materials for blankets. This amazing product originates from various goat species and gets its name from a South Asian region of Pakistan, Kashmir. However, it sticks close to the animal’s skin, making the removal ten times harder than other animals. As the acquisition process is demanding, the cost is usually higher compared to other wools. 

Wool Yarn 

Most prevalently used for winter wearables and accessories, wool yarn offers unparalleled warmth — not to mention, even in rain, it keeps the wearer warm. Plus, no deformity will surface even after many years of heavy use, which is why it is a beautiful ideal candidate for blankets. So many users appreciate how easily it is washed without losing shape or its original softness. As for the negatives, this wool sometimes feels itchy and unbearably uncomfortable for allergic people. 

Alpaca Wool Yarn 

Alpaca yarn comes from domesticated Lamas from South American region and is known for its excellent warmth retaining capability. They are maybe a popular choice for knitting sweaters, but Alpaca blankets aren’t thin on the ground either. Although the fibers are super soft, it is prone to deformity compared to other types, especially after frequent or rigorous washing.  The fact that makes it the best yarn for blanket is its fire and water repellent properties, making it somewhat invincible. 


The only product on this listicle that isn’t derived from the animal kingdom, cotton is worshipped for its unrivaled softness and breathability. Cogitate no further if you are looking for a baby blanket as cotton isn’t just soft but also safe for highly sensitive skin. So, it is indeed the best yarn for baby blanket available out there. One huge drawback that you mustn’t overlook is that cotton when placed in water gains 27 times its original weight. 

Merino Wool Yarn 

Merino’s prevalence in the “chunky” category of the blankets is peerless. That is perhaps because of its unique super-soft fabric that also retains its shape for a lifetime. Lab testing brought up miraculous results, stating that its fibers don’t break even when subjected to twists and bends a whopping 20,000 times. You can only imagine how durable the blankets would be when they are manufactured with such sturdy filaments.  The only con we could find was the emergence of small fuzz balls on the surface over time. It could be annoying, especially when they are recurrent and grow in size. 

Which Type Is the Best of All? 

This question is highly subjective and there is no simple answer to it. For instance, the best yarn for blanket would be different from the best option for infants. Before anything, figure out what you want to accomplish with it and only then head to the market. 

Why Should You Get the Best Yarn for Blanket? 

You might only have surface knowledge about it, but you must dig deeper to uncover the wonderful benefits of the best yarn for blanket

Compared to synthetic material, the yarn made from natural fibers gives out additional health and ecological benefits. Doubtlessly, they are the ultimate defense against harsh winters, but they do a lot more than that. Go through the below-mentioned benefits to make up your mind why you should get the best yarn for a blanket. 

Restful Sleep 

Yes! Blankets made from quality yarn help you sleep better. But have you ever wondered why? It might never have crossed your mind, but blankets stimulate the delicate human nervous system and activate sleep-promoting hormones — dopamine and serotonin, which regulate the “happy” side of your mood. 

The cozier and the more comfortable the material, the more abundant will be your body with aforesaid chemicals. It also creates a nice snug that soothes your soaring muscles and puts your body in a tranquil state. Now you know for better sleep, you must seek out the best yarn for blanket

Easy Maintenance 

Yarn can either be great ease or a real hassle, depending on the type and for what purpose you are utilizing it. Durable ones that maintain their shape are always the best no matter what the application. For instance, hammock socks and yarns are relatively easier to maintain and require no special care while washing. All you have to do is throw them in your regular detergent and leave it be. Remember for some yarn types, the maintenance process holds paramount importance to keep the product in top-notch shape. Therefore, don’t forget to look into the maintenance processes for each type to ensure longevity.   


Needless to say, the quality of the yarn is a reflection of the type, weight, and manufacturing process. The best yarn for blanket lasts a lifetime without getting deformed or unraveled. To understand why it is strong, you must look into its microscopic formation — the lengths are interlocked to form stronger bonds that prevents the material from unwinding. The tighter they are interlocked; the higher will be the durability, which makes sense. Plus, that wouldn’t work if they lacked the necessary elasticity. For instance, bending and twisting the best yarn for blanket even for a thousand times won’t break the fibers. 

Outstanding temperature regulation 

The wool fibers construct a closely packed mesh that acts as an impenetrable barrier against the harsh cold environment. Wools yarn for blanket such as Merino surpasses every other species with superior breathability and insulation. Its fibers entrap tiny air packets and that is how it manages to provide such matchless insulation. 

Additionally, most wools are good moisture absorbents, while Merino is the best - it can absorb water equivalent to one-third of its weight before getting drenched. Plus, by capturing the bodily moisture they provide an extra cooling effect during warmer weather. 

How Should I Choose Blanket Yarn?

The first step to becoming an experienced knitter is to know how to select the right yarn. The pivotal decision regulators are the weight, gauge, drape, and various other features. Other than that, your first and foremost consideration should be underlining your purpose, which will ultimately guide your search. 


For instance, if you are purchasing for an infant, the product must be safe for highly sensitive skin. You should look around yarn having a reputation for incredible softness with the least friction. On the other hand, those who prioritize durability must check whether the product retains its shape or not — not to forget, there are certain yarns which are water and fire repellent, making them astoundingly long-lasting. 


All this discussion must have evoked some questions in your mind. But don’t worry, we have most of them covered here.  

What Are the Best Yarn Brands For Crochet Blankets? 

We have mentioned repeatedly that the type of yarn defines quality, which is indeed true. But the craftsmanship is the focal point where the yarn is processed and beautifully turned into a blanket. And that is primarily why choosing the best manufacturer is essential. 

Searching for reliable brands has never been this challenging, considering the oversaturated condition of the market. Here we have managed to put forth some of the most eminent brands known for their softest yarn for crochet blankets

    • Bernat 
    • Lion Brand 
    • Caron 
    • Red Heart 

      Which Is the Best Cotton Yarn For Blankets? 

      In our opinion, Gazzal Organic Baby Cotton Yarn stands on top of the cotton blanket category for various reasons. Firstly, no chemicals are incorporated in the manufacturing process, keeping it 100% natural. Also, for those who suffer from sensitive or allergic skin, this product is ideally the best yarn for a soft blanket. 

      Which Is the Best Chunky Yarn For A Crochet Blanket? 

      As mentioned earlier, Merino wool yarn reigns this category with its bouncy and incredible soft fibers. You wouldn’t find a better option for your chunky crochet blankets. So, if you are finding best place to buy yarn online then visit Fillory Yarn now.


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