Top luxury yarns that will actually fit your budget

Of course, everyone wants the best quality yarn for knitting and understandably so. After all, how your knitting project would pan out depends significantly on this. However, getting your hands on luxury yarn isn't always easy, and that's owing to budget.

Not everyone is willing to splurge an excessive amount of money to get the top luxury yarn. So does that mean that your knitting project would inevitably suffer? Definitely not! We are here to tell you a little secret. Luxury yarns aren't always priced over the top. You can get some of these within your budget too.

What are the top luxury yarns on a low budget?

So how can you get luxury yarns on a low budget? What options do you have to ensure that you get the best quality yarn for knitting without making your finances go haywire? Let's find out.

Rowan yarn

Rowan Yarn

A Yorkshire-based company, Rowan, is particularly famous for its innovative design and tweed yarns. So if you want luxury yarns within your budget, this is one option that wouldn't let you down.

The best thing about rowan yarn is the amazing array of shades offered. The beautiful colors present unlimited possibilities for your knitting projects. One look at the versatility of the colors is enough to make every knitter happy as you can now get completely creative with your projects. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

This isn't all. Rowan yarn is fantastic to work with. Knitting it is quite an experience as it's quite soft and woolly. It isn't itchy, and you won't find knots in any balls.

One excellent variety of Rowan yarn that's particularly popular is Rowan Kidsilk Haze which is a soft cloud-like blend of mohair and silk. It's lovely on it's own or use it held along with another yarn to add a soft halo to your project.

Malabrigo yarn

Malabrigo yarn

Malabrigo is an immensely versatile yarn company with high-quality yarn that can elevate the quality of any knitting project. Indeed, it's among the ideal choices for luxury yarns due to their quality and price.

Malabrigo yarn also includes a perky new sock yarn that you wouldn't find anywhere else. It's a blend of decadent silk and merino blend and is a joy to work with. Knitters love this brand due to the bright, candy-like colors they offer.

The company has mastered a technique called kettle dyeing. During this, the dye is added into a large pot but not blended completely. They then achieve subtle variegation by ensuring that all the dye does not mix together thoroughly. This makes Malabrigo yarn all the more fun to work with.

This yarn isn't just about the color. The soft fibers definitely contribute to its popularity significantly. Malabrigo yarn is incredibly soft, with the fibers spun perfectly. It will indeed feel as though you are knitting with butter. And we can't begin to appreciate how wonderful the final product can turn out to be with this one.

Sublime yarns

subline yarn

Knitters looking forward to working with a luxuriously soft yarn will find this one to be perfect. You really can't fault Sublime wool when it comes to softness and quality. This beautiful yarn has a wide range which makes it worth every penny.

Sublime yarns include quite a lot of luxury fibers, including cashmere, bamboo, cotton, merino, nylon, silk, and so much more. The brand also offers various yarn weights like Aran, chunky, 2ply, 4ply and DK. So it's quite unlikely that you wouldn't find the yarn suited to your project with this brand.

The yarn is soft and light which makes knitting fun. It isn't one of those cheap yarns that pull apart while knitting. The wool is purely merino yarn imported from Italy, so the softness and smoothness leave little room for complaint. You don't have to worry about the yarn splitting on you and spoiling your knitting project if you use this one.

The stitch definition is pretty impressive too. The detailing is unique, and you can create some fantastic accessories with this luxury yarn and that, too, without having to pay through the nose for it.

Sugarbush yarns

Sugarbush yarns

The list of affordable luxury yarns won't be complete if we don't mention this one. This high-quality fiber comes in a variety of yarn blends, colors and weight. So there's something for every knitter and crocheters, irrespective of the project type.

Whether it's plush alpaca or the llama, cashmere or linens and cotton, Sugarbush yarns wouldn't let you down. This fine yarn makes for an excellent choice for socks, shawls, and so much more.

The sugar bush bliss is a sport weight yarn that's a mixture of cashmere, superfine merino wool and mulberry silk and offers excellent stitch definition. You also have the sugar bush chill, which is a super bulky weight yarn that works up fast. Then there are other varieties like cobot, glaze, Dawson, shanty, rupture and drizzle, and so much more.

To sum it up, you wouldn't feel as though you have settled for some cheap yarn if you go for this one. It ensures that you get a luxury feel while knitting, and your project becomes a roaring success, something you will be able to flaunt with pride.

Debbie Bliss yarn

debbie bliss yarn

Debbie isn't an unknown name in the knitting world. Indeed, she has managed to carve her own niche in the industry due to her iconic knitting pattern designs and high-quality yarns. Debbie Bliss yarn not only comprises old favorites, including the Baby Cashmerino, Cashmerino Aran and Ralto DK but has plenty of new releases too.

Debbi Bliss is counted among the most published knitwear designers, having more than 35 knitting books and 20 booklets to her name. If that wasn't enough, she also has her own knitting magazine. She was also awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honors List for her contribution to the hand knitting and craft industry. So it's not really surprising that Debbie bliss yarn manages to cater to the requirements of every knitter out there. She is fully aware of what the knitters need when they look for cheap luxury yarns.

The specialty of Debbie Bliss yarn lies in the fact that she likes to explore intriguing textures and take a break from the usual blends. An excellent example is the Debbie bliss Donegal luxury Tweed Aran. Her variety of combinations includes silk, cashmere, alpaca and merino, all of which are ideal materials for wraps, shawls and cardigans. They have fantastic drape and flow.

There's more. The brand offers machine washable yarn, so you don't have to worry about the maintenance of your accessories. A wide variety of colors is available, giving you full freedom to unleash your creative side with your knitting project.

This isn't one of those cheap yarns that pill when you dry it in the dryer. And, of course, the stitch definition is exceptionally good. And the best part is that it's relatively inexpensive so you wouldn't be straining your budget with this one at all.

What is the best place to buy cheap luxury yarns?

You'll want to find a place that provides affordable luxury yarns without any compromise on quality. Fortunately, online shopping has made things somewhat easier. You can look for reviews to ensure that the place you are dealing with indeed offers the authentic stuff. Fillory yarn is an excellent choice. This online store has acquired rave reviews for providing original top quality yarn at fantastic prices. 

The only thing you have to ensure is that you select a place that isn't only reliable but also has the variety to cater to your every knitting need. And that's where Fillory yarn does an excellent job.

Get ready to knit with top luxury yarns now!

Isn't it incredible that you don't have to compromise on your knitting project due to money? For the longest time, knitters thought they didn't have an alternative and continued to look for sales or settle with cheap yarns to save money. Of course, this reflected in the final product and brought the whole thing down.

But that's not something you have to face now. You can easily purchase luxury yarns in low budget and create whatever you want. Indeed, a lot of compliments are waiting for you once you are done. So what are you waiting for? Get one of the many cheap luxury yarns and get to work. You can be assured that the yarns we have mentioned don't compromise on quality at any level. Knitting them will be a lot of fun, and you will be highly pleased with the final thing. Get ready to knit a masterpiece without being extravagant! 

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