Startaholics - What the heck is this??!

I have a problem. It’s a problem that many of you probably share with me. My WIP‘s are stacking up, and it’s time to address the situation. I am sure a lot of you can relate to this! Yes, I am a Startaholic. In honesty, I have 60+ WIPs that need finishing

I love nothing more than fresh yarn in front of me, the perfect needles, and a great pattern. I love casting on, whether it’s long tail, tubular, German cast on, or provisional. It’s the start of new adventure for me, one I dream about, put thought into and envision what the finished product will look like. How I’ll wear it, will it fit me, are the colors right, will it work??!!!? ? It’s all exciting in the beginning! 

Then……After a few days, A week or two, I’m in the middle. Then I see some new yarn, feel some new yarn, or a new pattern that everyone seems to be knitting, and I want to be a part of that! So….into the project bag it goes. Alone. Lonely. Forgotten. And I’m off on the next adventure, with my old project feeling rejected.  It’s time to bring them back to life - and complete them as they deserve!

After giving some thought to all that has changed in these extraordinary times, I realized I wanted to change. Change into a more organized person, and a more committed knitter. I thought about all my lonely projects, ones I had loved SO MUCH! I dragged them out, and thought….if I am going through this, I know other knitters are as well. It’s a common problem in our world. I hear it over and over again, and so…..I am stating this for ALL of us. Togetherness is a large part of our knitting world, we all want to share, talk about what we are making, and what we love right now.

I am starting a “Startaholic” Group for those of us that need inspiration to get our WIP’s, UFO’s and those lonely projects stuffed into project bags finished! We can embark on this journey together, and together we can finally finish! So, if you have this same issue, join us. It’s for our community and for our tribe 🧡

The link to the Facebook Group is Here - Startaholics - Finish your WIPs with Fillory. I will be setting up a monthly Zoom meeting for all of us as well, more details will follow on the blog and on Facebook.

In finishing, I would like to say this: While we live in lockdown, it can feel like being locked up. When we connect electronically, some of our senses are left unplugged. But we can still feel connected, and those connections make us stronger. We can laugh together about being apart, and learn together about facing the unknown. We can knit together, and keep our Tribe strong! When we are together, even virtually, our ability to help each other and ourselves is real and powerful. When we turn to our Community, to our Tribe, then they too are no longer alone.

With love and understanding ~

Andrea 🧡 


  • Judi Easley

    I’m guilty of buying yarn and needles and patterns and not ever stitching a stitch! I have the best of intentions to actually make these projects, but I never xeem to get them done. Do I qualify for Startaholics?

  • Phyllis Williams

    I have the exact problem. Love starting but project does not look like I wanted it to or pattern too hard or colors not what I thought or on and on and on. We do need help. Am counting on you to help. And thanks!

  • Lara

    Thanks for making a safe space for people who have problems finishing :-D Once I was at Stitches and someone came up to talk to the person I was with, she looked at me and said “Aren’t you the person who never finishes anything?” Why yes, yes I am. Although I’ve gotten better.

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