How to Choose the Best Yarn for Your Socks

What is Sock yarn?

Explaining it in simple terms, any sort of yarn specifically used to knit socks is known as sock yarn. Sock yarn could be of many types such as worsted or lace- weighted or you could just try any kind of fiber baked under the sun. You can make different kinds of socks for different occasions using the same sock yarn or try a new one for added uniqueness. However, most of the sock yarn is used for this purpose only.


Selection of a Sock Type

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The first step is to clear your mind of what you want. Hence, decide what sort of socks are the comfiest and suitable. This will help you in deciding the best type of yarn that gives you the exact outcome you wanted. Obviously, for that you have to browse through some of the options of sock types given below.

  1. Closely fitted to your structure

Most people like their socks tight and fitting socks. This is a very smart choice as you do not want to constantly pull them up. It looks really weird and is uncomfortable of course! Thus, you have got to select a sock yarn that makes your socks clingy and is unyielding. For this purpose, select the yarn types that are moderately soft and mild in structure.


  1. Thick or Thin

Now think what sort of socks you like to wear, slightly small in diameter or thick ones. This also depends on two factors. First, you have got to make the knitting process easy for yourself, so a thin structure is probably the best for you. Also, consider your shoe size. Your feet should easily fit in with socks on. You do not want thick socks in small shoes because they will definitely hurt your toes badly.


Now that you have decided about your sock diameter, let us look at what knitting technique is befitting your choice. Firstly, if you are going for thin socks your fingering weight should be optimal around 400m/100g.


  1. What is the occasion?

Who are the socks for? Are you gifting it to somebody? If yes, then keep their choice into consideration. Do they like thick or thin socks, long or feet sized ones, stretchy or stiff, single-colored or self-striping? Going for self-striping sock yarn if you want to knit multi-colored socks would be a great choice.


Now if you are knitting socks for yourself and you want to wear them somewhere if you are wearing them under some studs, definitely go for long and thick ones. This would give a better grip and would absorb sweat too. Go for the best wool socks for sweaty feet.


How Do You Choose Yarn for Socks?

There are a number of sock yarn that are considered the best in the market for knitting socks. The type of sock yarn depends on what texture you want in your socks and what occasion is lined up. Professionals say that the best yarns for socks are elastic that are easy to pull up and then stick to your feet, supporting your calf. We have listed down some of the important factors that make a certain sock yarn type suitable for you.


  1. Strength

While cotton sock yarns are considered the best by some people. Wool and nylon blend might be the best fabric blend ever. Many people tend to ask that Is sock yarn stretchy? Well, here is the answer; nylon and wool blend gives your socks, elasticity and makes the warmest products. Wool has a natural bounce to itself and nylon with a little acrylic make your socks long-lasting. This is what all best yarn for socks provide in common ‘longevity’.


The secret for durability is the mixture of nylon, wool, acrylic, and other synthetic materials that gives the socks strength.


  1. Damage resistant

Whatever sock yarn you choose should definitely provide a sturdy frame to your socks. This means that your socks are constantly being rubbed either when you feel itchy or by your shoes when you walk. In this case, if you choose a super soft yarn type the socks would fold and slide down your legs. In the worst-case scenario, they might even rip. Hence, look for a sock yarn type that provides erosion-resistant qualities too.


  1. Absorbing moisture

You wear socks in so many events and situations. Almost in every place there might be humidity and sweat just ruins your day. Thus, you have to keep in mind that your socks should absorb perspiration well. This ensures that you do not slip or do not get involved in an uncomfortable situation.


In this case, wool socks are the best. They absorb water up to one-third of their weight before it feels moist. Hence, if you are planning on playing a football match go for wool socks and see how your dry feet win you the match!


  1. Super-wash socks

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Well, we can all admit that our feet smell like dustbins after a good day’s work. So, our socks must smell even worse. So, we must wear socks that are washable in washing machines and in doing so are not susceptible to get ripped. These sorts of socks are knitted with superwash yarns.


  1. Weight

The best sock yarn as per experts are fingering, sport, and DK weight. These range up to 5-8 stitches per gauge. Usually, the quality of a knitted sock depends on the gauge quality. The better it is the smoother the knitting process becomes.


  1. Knitter’s recommendations

Consummates in knitting recommend yarns that are highly stretchable and lucid. Your socks should provide added stability and grip to your leg and feet. Longevity is a very important factor too. Whichever yarn type provides all of this, go for that and you will get chic socks in no time!


What Are the Best Sock Yarns in The Market?

Some of the tried and tested best yarns for socks are listed below.

  1. Self-striping sock yarn

Self-striping sock yarn creates marvelous stripes along with the sock as you are knitting. These are multi-colored and give a very unique look to the socks. Professionals say that the best of these are the ones that provide long-lasting color changes.

  1. Worst-weighted yarn

If you want to knit thick textured socks, then you should definitely go for worse- weighted types of yarns. This gives an overall bulkier frame to your socks.


  1. Best wool socks for winter

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Imagine going for a walk in the stark winters wearing thin textured socks. To say the least, I hope you do not get frostbite. For this very reason, your knitted socks should be bulkier and thick in the frame. Find yourself some of the best wool socks in winter.


The perfect yarn for this is made up of super-soft merino wool is much better than the ordinary cotton sock yarns because wool is an efficient insulator as compared to cotton. Wool does not let heat escape out of your cozy feet neither does allow the cold to get in. So get your feet all cozy and warm with wool socks!


Additionally, wool socks are much better at absorbing moisture and in retaining it than cotton socks. Hence, my best suggestion to you would be to look for wool that is on discount sock yarn in stores. After that just sit in a sunlit room, rock a chair and get your knitting needles ready for work!


What Knitting Equipment Is Required?

Usually, your needles are of two types 1. Double pointed needles 2. Circular needles. Experts prefer 6-6.5 inches double-pointed needles with two circular ones.


Another important factor before you start knitting is to check your gauge so that the stitches are smooth. Also, keep in mind what type of tension you have and what pattern you are working on. That is why it is very vital to safely check your gauge.


Yarn selection also needs to be done by touching it and checking its feel on your hand. Keep in mind the yarn might feel different on your hand and in another way on your calf. Some people have an allergy to scratchy yarns and their skin might show adverse effects. Thus, go for a softer sock yarn in this case, like cotton.


Some people have heightened tolerance to rough yarn type socks. In this case, go for wool yarns. This might resolve the issue of abrasion and damage as softer yarn for socks are more susceptible to getting worn-out. Softer sock yarn might rip or get holes too. Thus, go for sturdier yarns if a person does not have a problem with roughness.

Which Sock Yarn to Buy This Christmas?

Christmas is an exciting affair for everybody. Let us be honest the go-to Christmas gift is beautiful hand-knitted socks. Didn’t decide what to give your little sibling no worries just browse for the sock yarn Christmas sale on google. An overwhelming range of brands offers discount sock yarn. The next step is to decide what pattern you would like on your socks, choose the yarn accordingly. Get your favorite colors lined up and you are good to go. After selecting the suitable one if you want to buy online you can visit Fillory Yarn.

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