How to Choose Knitting Yarn for Beginners

Knitting is so therapeutic, isn't it? Perhaps the biggest reason that people take it up is that it is just so relaxing. There is something unique about watching your fingers work their way through the fibers, creating a beautiful piece of fabric.

These days, even youngsters are drawn to this activity and understandably so. Who wouldn't want to indulge in something so relaxing and productive at the same time? But knitting for beginners can be a tad bit tricky initially. They don't know how to knit or the yarn brands worth investing in.

Are you confused about which knitting yarn you should start with? Are you unable to make up your mind regarding the best yarn for knitting your project?

Don't worry! You have come to the right place. We aim to make knitting for beginners a whole lot easier than they anticipate. After all, getting the right knitting yarn and learning how to start knitting is half battle won.

A tip on selecting the best yarn for beginner knitters

Before going any ahead, we want to tell you something about knitting for beginners. It is highly critical that you select the right type of yarn. It is the fabric that would determine the quality of your knitting project.

There is no reason to be hasty. Take your time and decide after considering all the factors. It can be demoralizing if your first knitting project doesn't turn out the way you wanted. After all, you took so much effort to learn how to start knitting. You spent weeks on the project. And yet, in the end, it all got spoiled because you chose the wrong hand-knitted yarn.

We understand knitting materials for beginners can be confusing. There is so much to think about that it can get overwhelming. But one of the first knitting basics is to never be in a hurry. Knitting is something that should be done in its own sweet time. Don't you want the relaxing effect of knitting? Well, then, you have to take some time out for how to knit for beginner lessons.

Making knitting for beginners easier

Without further delay, let's get down to business. What would be the best yarn for beginner knitters? For this, you first need to understand yarn sizes, brands, and much more.

If you cannot differentiate cheap yarn from high-quality ones or select the right color, your project will be doomed. Let us now move onto some critical lessons on knitting for beginners.

The ball band

Hand-knitting yarn is wound and held together in various ways. It is commonly available in the market in the form of a ball, skein, or hank.

The hank gives you the most idea about the beauty and quality of yarn, even more so when it is hand-dyed. But here's the problem. The hank has to be wound into a ball before you can use it for knitting. Perhaps this is a bit more work for beginner knitting level.

Skeins and balls are relatively easy to use. All you have to do is pull the inner strand out and start knitting. If you want to learn to knit, you would undoubtedly want to keep things simple initially, so starting with balls and skeins might not be a bad idea.

Yarn sizes and colors

Imagine that you have found the perfect crochet yarn for your project. But you are confused about which color you should opt for. If you are a beginner, light-colored yarns will be a better option. The initial days of knitting can be confusing.

As you go through the lesson on how to knit for beginners, you will soon realize how easy it is to lose track while knitting. Light colors enable you to keep an eye on what you are doing. Dark colors are undoubtedly beautiful but more challenging to work with. You can save them for when you have mastered the art of knitting.

Yarn sizes vary in thickness or weight from very fine to bulky. It is advisable to opt for medium-weight knitting yarn during your learning period. For one thing, you will be able to monitor your progress more closely. Furthermore, the yarn will be easier to manage. 

This yarn also grows fast, and your project will be done in no time. You will find many beautiful patterns of crochet yarn in medium or worsted weight that can create masterpieces.

You also have to get your beginner knitting supplies in place. Ensure that you use the appropriate needle size suited to the yarn weight you have selected. Even the best yarn for knitting will fail if you don't use the right needle for your stitching.


What material should you work with? Should you use linen yarn for knitting or browse the online yarn stores for some other options? This entirely depends on your project.

The yarn fiber can be categorized into two groups, natural and synthetic. Synthetic fibers are affordable and easy to care for. They can be machine washed.

But the noteworthy point is that they are slightly uncomfortable to wear. This is because the material isn't too breathable. You wouldn't enjoy wearing an acrylic sweater for too long, irrespective of how beautiful it looks. It would leave you sweating through the nerves.

Furthermore, stains on synthetic fibers are incredibly tough to remove. If that isn't enough, the material is flammable. Due to which, it can cause burns to your skin. Perhaps this might not be the best yarn for you to start.

Natural fibers can be further subdivided into animal-based and plant-based. Wool, cashmere, camel, and silk are examples of animal-based yarn. On the other hand, linen, cotton, and jute belong to the category of plant-based fibers.

The best yarn for beginner knitters is one they can efficiently work with, and that is suited to their project. For instance, if you want a luxurious sweater, cashmere can be a good choice.

Pay heed to the project

Knitting for beginners can be enjoyable. It is not uncommon for people to get carried away. They are drawn to the beauty of a particular type of yarn and don't think about the item they are making. Maybe you came across a cheap knitting wool sale and bought it in abundance.

But the problem is that you are just learning how to knit. You can't work with every type of fiber. This is not all. You have to select the yarn type depending on what you intend to make. For instance, bulky weight yarn works best for items for the winter season like blankets and socks. On the other hand, lightweight yarn is ideal for summer projects.

You will need chunky yarn if you are learning knitting bulky items like rugs and blankets. This is because such items will require large stitches.

Easy to maintain

Wouldn't you want your first knitting project to have a long life? In that case, it has to be easy to take care of. Take a look at the yarn label to know more about its cleaning method. Some fabrics lose their shape on washing while others shrink. Sometimes, the material might even stretch.

Try to get the yarn type that will last for a long time and can be maintained in optimal condition with ease. The yarn should be durable and sturdy while also being comfortable.  

Safety is critical

Never undermine your safety for anything. While learning how to knit, keep in mind that some materials catch fire. Similarly, some threads snug to the extent that they can suffocate the baby.

If you are making something for a baby, you have to think about his sensitive skin as well. Ensure that you select the yarn that wouldn't pose any health risk. Read the label carefully.


At the end of the day, knitting for beginners will require you to spend some money. You might get good quality yarn on sale. But you will still need other knitting supplies. Therefore, decide how much you are willing to spend on this productive hobby.

Keep in mind that you have to realize the importance of quality when you learn how to start knitting. Compare the different types of yarn before making a purchase. There is no harm in learning how to knit for beginners step by step slowly. These things take time. Decide on your budget and try to find the best yarn brands and knitting supplies within that range.


Don't think too much about starting knitting. The yarn types and other factors might seem a bit too much initially. But if you take one step at a time, you will gradually start enjoying the whole process.

Just make sure of one thing; select the best place to buy yarn. This is what would determine the quality of your knitting project. You will undoubtedly want your first knitting project to be a success. Therefore, make sure that you get the best knitting materials for beginners. Learn more about how to knit for beginners. Once you get the hang of it, there would be no stopping you!

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