Free Pattern Friday- Autumn Dream by Emma Du

Happy Free Pattern Friday!  Autumn Dream by Emma Du has so many beautiful details!  We just love the balloon sleeves featuring a lacy bobble pattern which is also on the chest. This is knit from the top down out of mohair and silk, so this is going to be lightweight but warm and so soft and fuzzy!

We recommend using Tosh + Shibui Collaboration Silk Cloud Yarn. This special edition of Silk Cloud is inspired by the shades of the desert and we think they're just Autumn dreamy. Made out of 60% Kid Mohair and 40% Silk this is heavenly soft against your skin.

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  • Margaret Ferry

    I have only today found your publication while searching for warm bed socks (?) On the front cover I found a knitting pattern by Emma Du called Autumn Dream. It brought a lump to my throat!

    I loved to knit and sew for my family when they were young, and for myself when time allowed. at the age of 34 I developed Multiple Sclerosis and within 3 years I had lost the use of my legs, then my arms got weaker and weaker and my fingers would not function how I wanted – so no more knitting or sewing. Now, 30 years on from diagnosis, I speak to you, and the rest of my world, using voice-activated software.

    Emma’ S beautiful pattern is just what I need to keep me warm and cosy. I love the loose neckline, so easy for carers to get over my head, the sleeves are wide enough to cover the splints I wear on my lower arms. The wool you have used reminds me of the very last cardigan I managed to knit for myself in about 1996.

    This has been very fortunate technological accident which has brought us together. Now I need to talk to my sister-in-law about a little job I would like to do…

    Thank you Fillory YARN

    From Margaret Ferry, 24 Eastwood Park EH47 9HL

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