Best Gifts for Knitters This Christmas

What are the best christmas gifts for knitters and crocheters? Asked and answered!

How to put a smile on their face!

Nothing can surpass the feeling of wearing a hand knit sweater, hat, gloves, scarf or a blanket made with love and care. But it's often hard to find the perfect gift for knitters especially if you are a non-knitter yourself. If you don’t knit, you might think of a skein of yarn or some knitting needles at best, but for seasoned knitters it is much more than just that! Those who love to knit would definitely appreciate the thought behind something useful for their next big or small knitting or crocheting project. So, in order to find the perfect knitter’s gift, we have compiled a list that will help them celebrate the delight of knitting even more. 

Some foolproof gifts for knitters:

  • The Stocking Story

    A Christmas without a Christmas stocking is just not complete. Choose a fun Christmas Stocking Knit Kit!  You can get creative with non-traditional Christmas colors or go for the classics. Either way your recipient will treasure their very own handmade Christmas Stocking.


     Christmas Stocking Knit Kit

  • Decorative Jewelry, Pins or Magnets

    Knitting themed adorable pins or key chains can be a cute gift for someone with knitting on their mind 24/7. They can be attached to bags, sweaters or scarfs to remind them of a thoughtful friend or family member. Themed charm bracelets or pendants can also be a charming option.


    Knitting Pin
  • Knitting Mags and Subscriptions

    A gift for knitters that can double as a surprise is what Christmas is all about! Consider signing up your friends for weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription or membership for their favorite knitting magazines. Even though nothing pleases the knitter more than a glossy new magazine with new patterns, some may prefer digital magazines instead. Some companies even offer monthly or quarterly Yarn Boxes or kits with specialty items and luxury fibers with new knitting or crochet patterns. 


    Knitting Magazine
  • Knitting Journals & Diaries

    You will rarely come across a knitter who doesn’t note down knitting patterns and designs, and often lose them when needed. Presenting gifts for knitters like personalized journals are perfect for jotting down knitting ideas and notes in a safe and handy place. Some diaries even come with grids and sketch spaces for documenting their hard work with pictures and patterns.  


    Knitting Notebook
  • Mugs and T-Shirts

    Other gifts for knitters like themed T-shirts with humorous captions are another option to consider.  A gift of personalized knitting themed coffee or tea mug, to give them company along their knitting or crocheting projects will be a source of enjoyment to most of them. You are allowed to be as creative and amusing as you want so be sure to add the fun element to your ideas.


  • Yarn Packs
  •  black and brown yarn

    Although wool and yarn seem to be an obvious gift for a knitter, you can spoil your friends more with packs of luxury yarns like colorful and hand dyed silk, cashmere, mohair, or fine merino yarn. A gift card for their favorite knitting items store is also a great idea and will surely be received with much excitement.  


  • Yarn Bowls

  • Personalized glazed ceramic, wood or stoneware yarn bowls are an excellent gift for knitters, which keeps their yarn and nick knacks organized. These also look nice sitting on a side table or shelf, close to their desired place of creativity.

  • Knitting Bags, Totes and Caddies

  • Possessing a lovely and chic bag or tote to carry their knitting or crochet projects on the go is a must for every knitter. Plus, these are more practical than heavy knitting boxes. A small or medium sized pouch can hold knitting tools like tape, scissors, needles etc. and can fit into larger totes to keep things organized.

    If the knitter has a designated spot on the couch a knitting caddy with pockets will make a perfect gift. It can be draped over the arm of the favorite sofa or chair to keep everything organized and handy when needed.

  • Knitting Glovesperson holding disposable cup

  • Bigger knitting projects like blankets and shawls require long hours of stitching that may leave the fingers or hands sore. A pair of compression gloves is an ideal gift for knitters. These help to support the thumb, fingers, knuckles and wrist eases joint stiffness and allows the knitter to continue without any rest or delays.

    Even if you’re on a budget!

  • Knitting Needles
  • A set of new crafted and tapered needles is a treat for any knitter.  A gift for knitting enthusiasts like a pair of lightweight laminated birch or bamboo needles will be well received and will remind them of you whenever used. Engraving names or characters in a single line on the wooden needles, will kick it up a notch further. Selecting a set of interchangeable circular wooden needles is also an option. 

    Knitting Needles

  • Sewing Scissors
  • Having a pair of sturdy scissors to cut off the loose ends of their knitting projects is a must. Any knitter would be proud receiving a gift of vintage stork shaped scissors.

    knitting scissors

  • Stitch Markers & Counters
  • Cute stitch markers are a great budget gift for knitters, to let them enjoy company or watch TV while knitting. They come in an endless variety of shapes, textures, and colors to choose from. Bigger projects such as blankets are often cumbersome and test the knitters counting skills. Adorable Stitch counters are tiny gadgets that help them in keeping track of the stitches and rows. 

    Knitting Row Counter

  • Knitting Stoppers

    Every knitter has experienced the heartbreak that follows when your hard work pops off the knitting needle. These small yet essential stoppers are pretty useful in keeping your stitches in place. They come in many shapes and textures however, those made from environment friendly material such as natural cork is highly recommended. Moreover, they come in different sizes to fit onto different sized knitting needles. 

    Knitting Needle Stopper

  • Cable Stitch Needles

    While knitting a chunky cardigan/pullover with cable pattern cable needles are amazingly convenient. You can take your pick from an assortment of sizes and materials e.g., wood, bamboo or aluminum.

    Cable Needle

  • Pom-Pom Makers
  • Knitters love adorning their hats with fluffy pom-poms. The bigger the pom-pom the better. Cute DIY pom-pom makers make a lovely gift for Christmas stockings. 

    Pom Pom Maker

  • Knitting Gauges and Rulers 
  • Chances are your knitter already owns a measuring tape or ruler. Presenting them with a wooden laser cut knitting gauge or a leather wrist ruler will assist them to measure their undertakings on the go.

    Leather Wrist Ruler

  • Knitting Winders

  • Of all the aspects of knitting, winding the yarn into tidy balls is perhaps the most satisfying task of all for any serious knitter. Winding those woolly messes into neat balls is by no means an easy job and requires painstaking patience. However, a knitting winder is something that winds the muddled yarns professionally, and will definitely make the knitter thankful.   

  • Book Lights and LED needles

  • For knitters who like to stitch in the dark, or share a room with a spouse or sibling, a rechargeable neck book-light is a useful gift. They can continue to knit away at all odd hours to finish whatever and whenever. Illuminating LED knitting needles enable the knitter to knit at the movies, and in bed without disturbing others. At the same time, they help in illuminating intricate designs while working with dark colored yarns too! 

  • Headphones:
  • flat lay photography of maple leaf and top
  • Noise cancelling headphones make for the perfect gift for knitters who don't want to be disturbed while trying out new or difficult patterns. A pair can help secure their undivided concentration while also presenting a sound choice. Plus, these come in an array of designs and shapes to choose from. 

  • Knitting Classes or Events Tickets

  • Surprising a knitter who already has everything that they would ever need, with tickets for upcoming knitting events is a fabulous idea. Most knitters enjoy knitting with others in groups. Be sure to check and find out the skill level of your  friend before enrolling them in knitting classes or clubs. 

  • Knitting Kits

  • Just like sewing kits that come with everything included, knitting kits too come with everything that your knitting friend could possibly need. This gift for knitters usually includes a colorful and bright assortment of required quantities of yarn, along with instructions to make the perfect project at hand. 

    Knitting Kit

    If all else fails!

    This Christmas, gifts for knitters will be much easier to choose from any of the above gift ideas for knitters we’ve showcased for you! Be as creative as you like by adding your own ideas for making their knitting experience wonderful. If all else fails, invest in a customized knitting gift basket to end this year with some holiday cheer! Whatever you choose, we hope that it will perhaps be more appreciated than an ordinary box of chocolates. We sincerely believe that the holiday spirit can be extended for the knitters in your life, with such boxes of happiness, all year round. What could be a better gift for knitters than a gift that just keeps on giving?

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