All about crochet hooks – A complete guide

All about crochet hooks – A complete guide

If you are an amateur, you might be wondering why crochet hooks come in oodles and which type is ideal for you to use. To successfully take on the craft of crocheting, you should have the right knowledge of this only and most important tool used.
By the end of this blog, you will be able to distinguish between each type used. And, you will be qualified enough to remove all the hindrances between you and your cathartic craft. But, before diving deep into the types, let’s start with the basics:

What are crochet hooks?

To put it simply for you, a crochet hook is a tool used to create loops in thread or yarn and to interlock them into stitches. It is also popularly known as a crochet needle. The round shaft is pointed at one end that eases the insertion of the hook through the material that is being crocheted. Behind the shaft, is a lateral groove that aids to pull a loop back through the material.
Now, you might be eager to know the types of crochet hooks. Here you go:

What are the types of Crochet Hooks?

When you try to buy a crochet hook, you might get attracted by the eye-catching colors. Or are you the one who decides to buy a product based on its volume or weight? If yes, you are doing it wrong. As compared to the shiny one, the dull may prove to be the best match for your requirement. I have listed the different types to help you in making a smart decision.

Aluminum Crochet hooks

Aluminum hooks are the best if you are a beginner and you are not prone to wrist pain. They are good for general use and are most commonly available in stores. Some people find it painful on their hands, which is why some manufacturers have added a special feature such as a rubber handle to prevent this. It is a single-point crochet hook with a handle at the end.

If you are a lover of tapestry patterns which is also known as jacquard, mosaic or fair isle, aluminum crochet is the most effective.

They are made up of Aluminum.

Average size
Their size ranges from 2 mm to 12 mm

The aluminum crochet hook has ideal durability. The metallic colors are fun. And it is ideal for crocheting heavy projects such as rugs or baskets because they will never break to disappoint you.

The shiny finish of the aluminum hook can catch your attention, but it is not so good when it comes to either too dry or sweaty hands. As most of you can sweat, due to the lack of coordination, the aluminum will slip in your hands and you won’t be able to get complete control over your craft. Sometimes, due to the sharpness of the hook area, you can snag the strands of yarn. Lastly, they are quite rigid.

Plastic crochet hooks

In plastic hooks, usually, the plastic is kept hollow to make it lightweight. They are available from common to jumbo sizes. Opt for a plastic crochet hook if you are on a budget and if you want to prevent strain in your wrists. It is best for beginners who don’t want to fully commit themselves to full crochet needle sets.
If you are quite a fan of Granny’s square, which resembles lace, plastic crochet is all you lack. Do not use it for heavy patterns because it is delicate.

They are made up of Plastic.

Average Size
Their size ranges from 3 mm-12 mm.

The hook area of the plastic crochet hook is better than the aluminum hook. Also, they are highly affordable. They come in a variety of fun colors and the lightweight encourages to explore crochet.

The hook of the plastic crochet is squeaky to some extent. It is light in weight, but still not the lightest one available in the market. Another drawback is that plastic is not as durable as other materials. If you can’t bear even the slightest noises, avoid buying it.

Wooden / Bamboo Crochet hooks

This feather-light hook is my personal favorite. It is either made up of wood or bamboo to keep it lightweight and warm in your hand. It is one of the best crochet hooks.

A shell stitch can be made using a wooden hook because it is used to do fine crafts.

It is made up of wood or bamboo

The size ranges from 2mm to 25 mm

The wood tends to absorb the sweat and doesn’t provide a slippery surface. The only misconception about this hook is that the wood will break easily, which is not the case.

The biggest drawback of a wooden or bamboo crochet hook is that they are quite expensive. Especially if you are looking for a hand-carved hook, they may cost too much, making them a true investment. It is a single-point crochet hook and is not beneficial to use two colors together.

Other than the above-mentioned hooks, there are some other two based on the pattern they produce.

Tunisian Crochet hooks

A Tunisian crochet hook is usually longer than the regular hooks. It has an elongated hook and either a stopper or handle at the end. It is a circular crochet hook that has a cord running between the two hooked ends.

It is usually made of steel.

Average size
The size ranges between 10 mm to 14 mm

Tunisian crochet is a type of crochet that has multiple loops on the hook just as done in knitting. The only difference is that it is made of Tunisian crochet hooks rather than a knitting needle. It is also commonly known as Afghan crochet. Moreover, it is also regarded as Shepherd’s knitting, Cro hooking as well as Railroad knitting. It is considered one of the best crochet hooks.

You will be able to craft the following using Tunisian double crochet hooks

Twisted Tunisian stitches

  • Tunisian Purl stitch
  • Tunisian Diagonal stitch
  • Tunisian double crochet
  • Tunisian bobble stitches
  • Tunisian Entrelac crochet
  • Tunisian thread crochet

The extra-long body gives it the quality to hold many stitches at a time. It also comes with a nub or cap at the end that prevents the stitches from falling off.

Many people complain that the first stitch of this crochet hook is too loose whereas the last stitch is too tight. If you are creating a round pattern with these circular crochet hooks, it is going to hurt your wrists.

Double-ended crochet hook

These are double crochet hooks with hooks on either side of the shaft. Both hooks are similar to each other, having the same size. It is built so that you can pick the stitches from the front hook and work them off with the other side. The double-ended crochet hook sets enable you to work in a circular pattern or to work with two colors. So, get creative with this double-ended hook!

It is made up of resin

The average size ranges from 8 mm to 10mm.

It is lightweight and the pointy head is ideal to get into stitches.

It has limited options available.

Which is the best crochet hook and why?

I have seen many people asking such questions but the answer is, there is not one. It all depends on your taste and preferences. If you are a beginner opt for an aluminum crochet hook. If you like an environmentally friendly and durable crochet hook, a wooden one will be ideal. If you like to lay your fingers on a vibrant and smooth hook, pick nothing but a plastic crochet hook, and so on. The real question is how would you know which is the best for you? If you are a crochet newbie, I have shortlisted some tips to help you choose the right one for you.

Tips for choosing the best crochet hooks

The first thing to observe in a crochet hook is the head. The finer the work you need to do, the smaller the head should be and vice versa. Because there is a huge difference between tightly worked potholders and a big chunky blanket.

Round tip
The head or tip should be rounded rather than pointy because it can split your yarn.

The handle comes in all colors and flavors. If you do not want to get left with strained hands, choose a round, soft, and well gripped handle over a flat, hard, and poorly gripped one.

Does it come along with a case to keep it organized?

Lastly, while choosing a hook, keep your budget in mind. But, in any case, comfort over money.

A famous brand offering the best crochet hooks

I have mentioned below, my two favorite brands to buy crochet hooks. Trust me, they are worth the money.

Boye crochet hooks

Boye is a popular and reputable brand of crochet hooks. They ensure to meet all the qualities that should be present in an ideal hook.
It was founded in 1906 and was among the very first countries to introduce a complete line of crochet sets made in America. Their tremendous innovation helped the consumers to meet their needs.

Addi hooks

Addi is also a very well-known brand that offers various plastic, metal, and bamboo crochet hooks. They please all the crochet fans by putting forward the best quality to cover every need of the consumer.
If you are confused about where to buy these, you can simply shop online from various platforms such as Fillory yarn, which offers a wide range where you can search by your favorite brand name.


Choosing the right one for you might seem like a burden, but once you choose the perfect fit according to your needs, you can use it for a long period. Happy crocheting!

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