10 Reasons to Wear Merino Wool Yarn in Winter

Indulge Yourself in Warmth and Coziness With Merino Wool Yarn In This Chilly Season

You have probably heard or read the term Merino Wool over and over again printed on daily wear brands, activewear brands or yarn labels. We all know that wool is the blissfully warm and cozy fiber that depending on the breed of sheep can either be super soft or kind of itchy feeling.

What is A Merino Wool Yarn?

Merino wool is a special kind of wool that comes from a particular breed of sheep, known as the merino sheep. The quality of this wool has been loved ever since it originated in the 12th century. Fast forward to the present and this wool was improved and turned into one of the most luxurious fibers available, which had consumers wanting more. The Merino wool fabric has been used to make accessories and garments like merino wool beanies, merino wool socks and merino wool blankets and many more! Keep on reading if you want to know more about this heavenly soft yarn.

What Are the Benefits of Merino Wool Yarn?

  1. Warmth 
  2. Lightweight 
  3. Breathability
  4. Softness
  5. Easy to Maintain
  6. Anti-bacterial and Water-Repellent
  7. Wrinkle-Resistant
  8. Odorless


Merino wool yarns contain crimps, and when woven into a sweater or a beanie, these crimps hit each other, creating tight air-trapping pockets that don't allow air to enter at all. It keeps you warm and safe from the chilly wind in the winter season. The air inside the sweater or beanie, naturally produced by your body stays insides and keeps you toasty warm at all times. The ability to keep one warm makes it the perfect material to use when making sweaters, socks, beanies, mittens, blankets and throws.


You might think that anything made out of sheep's wool is heavy, bulky and big, which can be pretty hard to handle when packing for a trip or travelling. But, it's quite the opposite with merino wool. Anything made out of merino yarn is super soft and easy to carry. The lightweight merino wool is finer than most wool and can be used to make bedding or winter wear like a Merino wool base layer or a chunky knit blanket.


The traditional wool can become hot when you put it on for too long, and you start to become sweaty. But merino wool does the exact opposite for you. It wicks the moisture of your body away and disperses into the air. Merino wool also helps release the body heat, which helps regulate your body temperature and keep you safe from getting too hot from the inside.


When you think of the word wool, the first thing that can come to mind is the itchiness and keeps you warm only for a specific amount of time. Merino wool yarn, on the other hand, is the ultra-soft and fine quality wool yarn that helps stay warm and soft all the time. It's the reason why you often see Merino wool used in baby clothes, accessories, or blankets.

Anti-bacterial and Water-Repellant

That's right, other than keeping you warm and cozy; Merino wool continues to surprise you with its extraordinary qualities, such as it being anti-bacterial and water-repellent. The fiber can hold the water without absorbing it and getting it damp. Not only that, but the thread is also fire-resistant, which makes it the perfect fabric to wear around the house or even outside. And do you know what the best part is? It's anti-allergy! You can wear it without having to care about getting rashes or any other allergic reactions; perfect for people with sensitive or damaged skin.


Anything made from Merino wool is wrinkle-resistant. You fold it, wash it or even sit on it; the fabric will stay smooth and soft. Even if you keep them tucked in a box or a cupboard for a long time, they will come out smooth and wrinkle-free. The merino wool sweater/blanket that is tear and wrinkle resistant, all a travel enthusiast would wish for! You can also use it as one of those fashion articles that require barely any cleaning, no ironing or other special care!


The worst part about sweaters and blankets is that they tend to get smelly after some time. The freshness of the fabric dies, and it starts to smell. But, unlike others, Merino wool stays odorless for a long time and maintains that fresh, signature smell. 

What is it used for?

Merino wool yarns are usually used for making garments, accessories and bedding. You can create a wide variety of clothing such as sweaters, wearable throws and shawls. Or, you can make accessories like mittens, beanies, socks or scarves to wrap around your neck. Other than that, you can decorate your house or your bedroom with chunky knit blankets, or merino yarn throws on the sofas for a luxurious touch.


Which Season Is the Best for Using It?

The best season to wear clothes or accessories made out of Merino wool is the winter season. The Merino wool is at its best in the chilly season as it keeps you warm and safe from the harsh cold wind. It also keeps you warm from the inside, which is better in the winter as your body can heat up if you wear it in the summer season. Winter season is the best time to take the Merino wool chunky knit blankets out so you can have a warm and snuggly good night's sleep. You can start wearing the beanies or the light sweaters in fall too as the season begins to get chilly at that point.

Types of Merino Wool Yarn

There are different types. Here are some of the most commonly used ones:

  • Lace Merino
  • Fingering + Sock Weight Merino
  • DK + Sport Weight Merino
  • Aran/Worsted Weight Merino
  • Chunky Weight Merino
  • Bulky Weight Merino
  • Super Bulky Merino

Tips for Choosing the Best Merino Wool Yarn

Tip 1  Choose the best one by touching it, so you know how soft it is. Feeling Merino wool yarn by your hand will help you know if the strings are strong enough or if their quality is durable.

Tip 2  Choose the right yarn by checking the label for the fiber content & all other details. The fiber content will show you the amount of merino wool present in it, as well as the other materials that are combined.

Tip 3  Check the price of the Merino wool yarn before you buy the stock so you would know if the price is fair when compared to the quality and quantity.

Tip 4  Check for reviews online to see which type of Merino wool yarn is the best for you. If you are a beginner, ask for suggestions online to know which one to choose. 

What Are the Top Merino Wool Yarns Available Online?

These are some of the most commonly bought yarns available on the internet.

Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Super wash

Price: $16.99

Description: Worsted Weight, Superwash Merino Wool Yarn

Lace Merino by Ella Rae

Price: $11.25

Description: Fingering Weight, Superwash Merino Wool Yarn

Simplicity Solid by HiKoo: $4.00

Price: $4.00

Description: DK Weight, Superwash Merino Wool Yarn

Madelinetosh Tosh DK: $26.50

Price: $26.50

Description: DK Weight/ Merino Wool Yarn

Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK: $4.00

Price: $4.00

Description: DK Weight, Merino Wool Yarn

Malabrigo Sock: $19.2

Price: $19.20

Description: Fingering Weight, Super wash Merino Wool Yarn

You must be wondering, where to buy Merino wool yarns mentioned above? Well, worry no more! There are hundreds and thousands of online yarn stores such as FilloryYarn.com and many others. These websites offer a wide variety of high-quality, cheap yarns and Merino wool fabric. From chunky Merino wool yarn to Super wash merino wool yarn, superfine Merino wool yarn to super chunky Merino wool, these websites have it all at extremely reasonable prices. Wait no more like and buy Merino wool yarns now before they run out of stock!

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